Call for Volunteers

Badr Interactive has a vision to contribute for the world. We use our competence to create apps which have high benefit for society.

There are several products whose the good news is have been developed, but… the bad news is not yet finished. Another bad news is we are currently lack of resources, means developer, to continue the work. So we open the contribution for developers who has the same vision of contribution. Here is the list

Task In Need Contact Person
Updating Ibadah Evaluation Android Android Programmer Sani
Adjusting Ibadah Evaluation BB Programmer,
iOS Programmer,
Web Programmer
Updating Dua in Quran Android Programmer Sani
Finishing Touch on Ustadz Badr 2 Android Programmer,
Graphic Designer
Reviving Gerai Nisa Business Intelligence,
Android Programmer
Continuing BI Quiz Web Server Programmer,
Android Programmer,
BB Programmer,
iOS Programmer
Continuing Urban Qurban Graphic Designer Jay
Continuing Learn Quran Android Programmer,
Content Developer
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Badr Interactive Apps on Play Store

Badr Interactive Apps on Play Store

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